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Thank you for visiting us at Greenwich Gynecology. We are highly experienced Board certified gynecologists affiliated with Greenwich Hospital who offer specialized services to the Greenwich, Fairfield and Westchester County medical communities. In addition to providing annual examinations and Pap smears, contraception counseling, infertility evaluation and sexually transmitted disease screening, we concentrate on six areas of gynecology that are very unique to our practice:

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy

We can show you how to look better and feel younger without increasing your risk for breast or uterine cancer. Anti-aging and preventative health care to sustain longevity and quality of life should be your long term goal. All treatment programs are founded upon evidenced based medical studies.

Dmore Collagen Infusion Treatments

Unlike many skin products on the market today, D-More Collagen Perfect Serum® is FDA approved as both safe and effective and contains no toxic components. This product contains 5% pharmaceutical grade collagen(used in medical applications to promote wound healing), green tea extract, vitamin C, Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid and other natural ingredients. CLICK HERE to learn more about this remarkable skin restoration and age reduction treatment.

Integrative Health Care

We offer alternative treatment plans utilizing nutritional supplements, vitamin and herbal therapies to alleviate symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menstrual irregularities, bloating and breast tenderness.

Incontinence Evaluation and Treatment

We provide in-office comprehensive evaluation of urinary stress incontinence, overactive bladder and bladder leakage to determine the proper nutritional, medical or surgical course of treatment.

Adolescent Gynecology

Teenage girls and adolescent women have specific needs that require knowledge and sensitivity as well as patience and understanding.

Minimally invasive surgery

We offer a full range of minimally invasive hysteroscopic and laparoscopic surgery for all types of major and minor gynecologic procedures for endometriosis, fibroids and bleeding disorders. This state-of-the-art surgery greatly shortens the hospital stay and dramatically hastens recovery with diminished postoperative discomfort.

Restorative Vaginal Surgery

Greenwich Gynecology offers unique procedures that can restore lost sexual sensations due to the relaxing effects of childbirth, as well as recontour enlarged or irregular labia to eliminate discomfort, chaffing and swelling during physical exercise or intimacy. Dr. Jacobson is the only gynecologist in the Northeast United States specially trained in the use of laser and radiosurgery.

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Connecticut Gynecology Patients are Important

We make a concerted effort to see patients on time for their scheduled appointment. Patients with urgent problems will be seen the same day and telephone calls are returned promptly. We make every effort to provide optimal care in a relaxed, unhurried environment and to answer all of your questions as part of your visit. You will never feel rushed. You can view the rest of our website to learn who we are and find out more about our practice.

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