One Perryridge Road, Greenwich, CT

When choosing a doctor to perform delicate vagina surgery, Greenburgh and Ardsley residents should consider two key factors – the skill/experience of their Ardsley cosmetic vagina surgeon and (to a lesser degree) the location of their surgeon’s offices. Fortunately for women in Westchester County, one of the nation’s top labiaplasty surgeons is just a leisurely 30-minute drive away in Greenwich (CT).

What to Know

Ardsley women are fortunate because patients travel from all over the world to have Dr. Edward Jacobson perform their procedures. A board certified gynecologist with more than 30 years of experience, Dr. Jacobson has performed many of these delicate outpatient operations, with amazing results. Visit the photo gallery on The Greenwich Center’s website to see actual images from the procedures he’s performed.

We know that talking about restorative vaginal surgery can be a difficult topic for many women to discuss with close friends, family members and even their partners. We understand your anxiety and have done everything possible to build a practice that will put you at ease. We want you to feel comfortable discussing your vagina surgery options in a relaxing environment with a cosmetic vagina surgeon in Ardsley.

Choosing a Surgeon

Before choosing an Ardsley cosmetic vagina surgeon, we encourage you to do some research. Visit your prospective surgeon’s website and make sure he or she includes both before/after images and patient feedback. Dr. Jacobson also encourages women to research the surgeons performing these procedures throughout Westchester and Connecticut.

Once you’ve completed your online research and spoken with any friends who’ve had this procedure, we hope you’ll reach out to Dr. Jacobson for a discreet consultation to learn more about world-class labiaplasty convenient to Ardsley.