A cosmetic vaginal procedure can improve your sex life and the overall appearance of your intimate areas. However, these procedures are surgeries and require some recuperation and downtime afterward, which is why you must take great care and consideration to plan accordingly.

1. Time to Heal

Expect to take at least a week from work after a cosmetic vaginal procedure. If a job requires a lot of physical activity, the patient may have to take two weeks or more off before returning.

The area addressed during the procedure will likely experience swelling and bruising, and the doctor typically recommends icing the area regularly to reduce swelling. Pain medication is also usually prescribed for the short-term.

During the recuperation period, the patient cannot immerse herself in water. That means no bathing, swimming, or hot tub use, but brief showers are fine. Likewise, the patient cannot wear tight clothing and should wear loose-fitting cotton underwear while healing.

A woman may resume light exercise within a couple of weeks after surgery, but she should wait until four weeks or more have passed for more strenuous exercise. Women who are avid bicyclists or equestrians should wait even longer before resuming these activities and should talk to their doctors about their specific post-surgery needs.

2. No Vaginal Sex for Six Weeks or More

Most women have cosmetic vaginal procedures to improve their sex lives, and patients consistently report much higher sexual satisfaction after these procedures. However, there is a waiting period in the immediate aftermath.

After a cosmetic vaginal procedure, a woman generally must abstain from vaginal intercourse for at least six weeks or longer if the area is not fully healed. The doctor can inform patients when they can resume vaginal intercourse and whether they have to use dilators to widen their vagina sufficiently.

3. Menstrual Pads for Periods

While recovering, a woman cannot place anything in her vagina, including tampons or menstrual cups. Using sanitary napkins during menstruation can be inconvenient and messy, but most women will only have to deal with this inconvenience for one or two cycles.

4. Future Pregnancies

Many women seek cosmetic vaginal procedures after childbirth in order to return to their pre-childbirth physique. If you are considering having another child, it is best to wait until your family is complete before undergoing cosmetic vaginal procedures. These procedures do not affect a woman’s ability to become pregnant, but if she gives birth vaginally, any cosmetic procedures she previously received would have to be performed again.

5. Possible Complications

Cosmetic vaginal surgery seldom causes serious complications, but it does pose risks like any other surgery. Common complications include bleeding and infection. If the patient experiences a fever, that could be an indicator of a possible infection, in which case she should contact the doctor immediately.

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