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We believe the right vagina surgeon for many Briarcliff women may be within commuting distance of their front doors. A thoughtful letter from a satisfied former patient of Dr. Edward Jacobson shares some important information about the often-challenging process of deciding to have labiaplasty or other vagina surgery and doing the research necessary to locate the right Briarcliff cosmetic vagina surgeon for the job.

Techniques for this surgery have improved dramatically over the past decade, and potential patients shouldn’t be scared off by horror stories or skeptical physicians without investigating further, as her case proves.

Types of Procedures

Often, many women suffering from large, uncomfortable labias reach out to their own gynecologists, who (knowing little about the procedure) try to talk them out of this elective surgery, which is exactly what happened to one frustrated patient in the months before she consulted with Dr. Jacobson. Next, she learned that even gynecologists willing to perform the procedure often have little or no experience performing labiaplasty, vaginoplasty or similar procedures; their enthusiasm outweighs their skills.

However, rather than walking away or taking her chances with an inexperienced surgeon, this intrepid woman continued investigating and eventually found the Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery. Dr. Jacobson, a highly respected gynecologist and cosmetic vagina surgeon in Briarcliff, walked her through the process, shared patient success stories and photos from previous labiaplasty procedures that clearly showed the results she could expect. Calmer, encouraged and informed, she chose to have the surgery.


The result? We’ll use her words: “I was really reluctant to have the surgery and extremely nervous (beforehand)…Now, I really cannot express how happy I am that I had the surgery done,” she writes. Therefore if you are considering this procedure, consult with a Briarcliff cosmetic vagina surgeon today.