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When the labia majora loses tone, you may find yourself experiencing discomfort and/or less sensation during sex. Lack of tone in the labia majora can also lead to vagina dryness. Furthermore, it is not just your sex life that could be affected—lax, enlarged labia can cause pain while exercising, especially when riding a bike or horse.

Fortunately, there are ways to restore labia majora tone as well as reduce the size of overly large labia. A qualified gynecological surgeon may be able to offer solutions to the problems you face due to the loss of tone in the labia majora.

The Biology of the Labia Majora

The labia—also known colloquially as the vaginal lips—consists of the labia majora, or large outer lips, and the labia minora, the smaller inner lips. The labia majora contain sweat glands and sebaceous glands, which secrete oil.

When a woman hits puberty, it is on the labia majora that pubic hair appears. The labia majora’s skin is similar to that on the rest of the body, but the labia minora possess a lining of mucous membranes.

Why the Labia Majora Loses Tone

Childbirth is a major factor in the loss of tone in the labia majora, but women who do not have children may lose tone due to aging and hormonal changes after menopause. Women who undergo hysterectomies and also have their ovaries removed may lose tone, as the procedure forces them to go through an instant menopause.

In addition, women who have lost a great deal of weight may encounter an otherwise unpleasant side effect in their new, slimmer bodies, in the form of loss of tone in the genitals.

Non-Invasive Ways to Improve Labia Majora Tone

If a woman’s labia majora has not lost a great deal of tone, a simple fat injection on either side of the labia majora may suffice. The fat is taken from the woman’s own body, generally from the inner thigh. Known as labia fillers, these injections usually result in a fuller appearance and increased firmness.

Other substances used in conjunction with or instead of fat fillers for this purpose include hyaluronic acid and platelet-rich plasma, the latter of which is derived from the woman’s own blood. These injections take only about 15 minutes and the effects can last for one to two years.

Surgical Procedures

However, if a loss of tone in the labia majora is severe, a labia majoraplasty may be the best option. This procedure surgically reduces the size of the labia majora, removing excess skin in order to make the labia appear firmer, smaller, and younger. While labiaplasty is permanent, recovery from this procedure can take some time.

As with other so-called vaginal rejuvenation surgeries, patients must refrain from sexual intercourse for at least six weeks after the procedure. The patient should take a week off work to recuperate, but can go back to most normal tasks after that. Avoid any types of strenuous exercise for at least a month.

While undergoing a labiaplasty does require temporary inconvenience, the rewards can be well worth it. Once the doctor approves a return to sexual intercourse, patients can often expect a much more pleasurable experience.

How Dr. Jacobson Could Help

If you are currently experiencing loss of tone in the labia majora and you would like to discuss your options for restoration, call us today and arrange a consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson. In person or remotely, Dr. Jacobson could discuss the best way for you to achieve fullness in the area for your personal situation.