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Considering surgery on the most delicate and nerve-dense area of your body can be intimidating. This is definitely not the sort of purchase decision where cutting costs is the top priority. What you want is value.

Of course, “best” is in some ways a subjective term. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say you want the right labiaplasty surgeon for you. You’re looking for a skilled, experienced surgeon; but also one with whom you feel comfortable discussing this delicate and potentially embarrassing matter.

Finding The Right Surgeon For You

Here are some important points to consider in making your choice:

  • Specialized training. Look for advanced vaginal rejuvenation training with leaders in the field.
  • Experience. Practice makes perfect, as they say, so you are looking for a doctor who performs labiaplasty procedures regularly. You want a specialist, rather than a gynecologist who performs the occasional surgery.
  • Board certification. It’s crucial to choose a board certified surgeon for the procedure or procedures you are looking into.
  • Multiple techniques. Every woman, and every vulva, is different. You’re likely to get a much more satisfactory result when your surgeon tailors the procedure specifically to you. There are many variables to this type of surgery, not the least of which are your personal goals.
  • Testimonials and references. Ask for some references, and if your surgeon balks at this request, run—don’t walk—from his or her office. Most accomplished surgeons will have testimonials available in the office or on their website. Also, check independent sources such as Google Local and other online review platforms.
  • Photos. Before and after photos relating to the procedure you’re looking into can help you make your choice as well—just be certain they’re un-retouched images.

Perhaps the most important point to consider is whether you feel comfortable during your consultation with a prospective labiaplasty surgeon. You’re going to have to have frank discussions with this person, and express your thoughts, desires and goals. You may have to be critical of your surgeon, and you don’t want him or her to become defensive during such a conversation.

Do some research, and trust your gut. Choose the right labiaplasty surgeon for you, and you may be the next patient to write a glowing testimonial that will help other women find the best labiaplasty surgeon for them as well.