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Health insurance companies will not pay for vaginoplasty in most instances, since it is generally a cosmetic procedure. That means women must pay for the surgery out of pocket, and should know exactly how much it costs before going forward with the process. Do they find vaginoplasty worth it?

For the overwhelming majority of women, the answer is a resounding “yes.” They did their research prior to the procedure, knew what to expect, and are happy with the results. For most women, vaginoplasty is one of the best decisions they will ever make and worth every penny. Contact an experienced vaginoplasty surgeon to learn more about the benefits and what works for you.

Increased Self-Confidence

When a woman knows her genitals are attractive and her vagina is no longer loose, her self-confidence increases. There is no more insecurity about her vagina’s condition. She feels sexy and assured.

Improved Sex Life

After childbirth, many women suffer from lack of vaginal tone. This laxity affects their sex life and ability to reach orgasm. Because vaginoplasty tightens the muscles and tissues in the vagina, women enjoy much greater “feel” during intercourse – and so do their partners.

Vaginoplasty turns back the clock for these women, rejuvenating their vaginas and allowing them to enjoy sex the way they did in their youth.


Women who did not give birth vaginally also benefit from vaginoplasty. Aging takes a toll on vaginal muscles and related tightness, as does the hormonal changes of menopause. Many women opt for cosmetic surgery or fillers on their faces to reduce the signs of aging.

While the world sees those results, their partners find these women are rejuvenated in the most private aspects of their bodies.

Pain Relief

Sex has actually become painful for some women due to vaginal wall damage. Vaginal rejuvenation relieves that discomfort, allowing them to become fully sexual beings once again.

Feeling Like Yourself Again

Vaginoplasty restores more than genitalia. For many women, the procedure restores a sense of themselves as fully feminine and sexually appealing. Along with improving their sex lives, they improve their emotional and mental health.

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