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While there’s been scattered media backlash against various types of cosmetic gynecological procedures, one study of more than 130 women who underwent labiaplasty at the same clinic stated that they chose the cosmetic procedure for medical or medical and cosmetic reasons rather than as a simple tip of the hat to vanity. And among the women in our community who undergo labiaplasty Danbury residents and other Connecticut women of all ages find the procedure does more than make their genitalia “cute,” it reduces friction and irritation during exercise and intercourse – a win/win for women suffering from enlarged labia who just want to feel comfortable in their own skins.


At the Greenwich Center, we find similar results. While some of the women who visit us do so purely for cosmetic reasons, most labiaplasty patients are desperate to relieve a longstanding condition that’s interfering with their ability to exercise, enjoy sex or even wear certain types of clothing. Some travel the globe to find relief.

Another point – and we believe a valid one – is that there’s no medical licensing procedure for Danbury cosmetic vagina surgeons performing labiaplasty. This applies to Danbury vagina surgeons, those practicing throughout the state and nationwide. That’s why we have to stress that Dr. Edward Jacobson – a recognized and oft-quoted expert in his field – has performed thousands of these procedures using the most current technology and surgical procedures. His international reputation is outstanding and his track record proven by the incredibly high positive feedback our clinic receives. To learn more or discuss whether this procedure is right for you, consult wth our cosmetic vagina surgeon in Danbury today.