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Greenwich Collagen Bar Treatments

Collagen is the most common protein in the human body, found in every internal structure. In other words, collagen truly holds the body together. However, collagen production declines over time, which is why skin starts to sag and muscles become less firm.  

There is a way to restore this lost collagen through Greenwich collagen bar treatments. European and Asian clientele have long availed themselves of this restorative treatment, and it is now available in the United States. A distinguished collagen bar doctor can help restore your skin’s elasticity and make you look younger than your chronological age.   

Women and Collagen Loss

Although both men and women can benefit from Greenwich collagen bar treatments, women often suffer severely from collagen loss after the onset of menopause and subsequent loss of estrogen. In both genders, collagen levels start declining around age 30, with a loss of approximately one percent per year, and the loss increases significantly by the time people reach their 40s.  

It is no coincidence that skin also becomes drier when it begins visibly sagging, and lines and wrinkles start making unwelcome appearances.  

What are Collagen Bar Treatments?

Greenwich collagen bar treatments consists of skin tightening and hydration therapy. The idea behind collagen bar therapy is simple – restoring collagen to optimal levels. However, many clients still wonder how collagen bar therapy differs from other products on the market containing collagen. 

Most over-the-counter collagen products are ineffective because their formulations are incorrect. Topical collagen simply cannot penetrate the skin, as the collagen molecule is comparatively quite large. Only top-quality pharmaceutical grade collagen approved by the FDA and placed under the skin can fully restore a youthful appearance.  

Additional benefits of collagen bar therapy include:

  • Fewer facial lines 
  • Restoration of volume to sunken areas  
  • Wrinkle reduction 
  • Less visible scars 

What Can You Expect After Collagen Bar Treatments?

Unlike many other types of dermatological restorative treatments, patients often notice changes after their first collagen bar therapy session. Patients do not have to deal with redness or swelling, and there is no downtime afterwards.  

Full collagen bar therapy takes six weeks to complete, but the results may last a year or longer. While most patients opt for collagen therapy on their faces, it is effective for any body part. 

It is recommended that recipients of Greenwich collagen bar treatments use dermal skin fillers to enhance collagen’s power and effect. Bioidentical estrogen hormone replacement therapy also increases collagen’s effectiveness, as it complements the protein with hormones identical to the body’s own on the molecular level.   

Understanding the DEP Therapy Process

DEP therapy, formally known as electordermatoporation, delivers collagen to the skin by way of a tiny, painless electric current. Prior to DEP therapy, collagen is applied to the skin. Along with DEP therapy, a combination of hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C is used for skin hydration and plumping.  

Once DEP therapy is complete—a relatively quick process—patients receive radiofrequency stimulation. This therapy rejuvenates the face and stimulates new collagen production, without side effects. Areas of the face most responsive to radiofrequency stimulation include the upper lip, the eyelids, the neck, and the jowls. 

Speaking with a Doctor

The products used as part of DEP therapy—Vitamin C Whitening Cream® and D More Collagen Perfect Serum®—become part of a patient’s daily skincare routine to aid in maintenance and a young, vital appearance.

If you would like more information regarding Greenwich collagen bar treatments, contact an experienced hormone therapy doctor as soon as possible.