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Even when treating wrinkles and other blemishes, no one wants to look artificial. For many people, “natural beauty” is the best compliment they can receive regarding their physical appearance.

By maintaining your skin health through natural methods, you could not only look great but have confidence in the fact that the results you get will be all-natural as well. On top of that, you could be satisfied knowing you are helping the environment by refusing to use synthetic products. Speak with an intelligent lawyer to learn more about different natural methods you can use to keep your skin healthy.

Diet and Exercise

Processed and sugary foods take a toll on the body that is reflected in skin quality. In fact, it is nearly impossible to have great looking skin without consuming a healthy diet. A good diet consisting of lots of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and grains can make a huge difference in skin quality and may eliminate or greatly reduce breakouts.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is vital for skin health as it keeps skin firm and elastic. However, production starts slowing once people reach their 30s. You can replenish collagen by eating collagen-rich foods, including sugar-free gelation and bone broths.

It is also important to drink lots of water, as healthy skin is hydrated skin. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible. Exercise increases blood flow, sending vital nutrients to the skin.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

While bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is best known for helping women deal with the side effects of menopause, it can also make skin look more youthful. Bioidentical estrogen treatments can help firm up sagging skin, reducing dryness and the development of lines and wrinkles.

Natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is derived from plant sources such as wild yam and soy, unlike synthetic estrogen which is developed from the urine of pregnant mares. Bioidentical means the estrogen is the same on the molecular level as that produced by the body, so it is a completely natural way to feel better overall and maintain a glowing complexion.

Collagen Bar Treatment

Collagen bar treatment is another natural way to reduce signs of aging skin. While beneficial for all skin types, it is especially useful for those dealing with old acne scars, sun-damaged skin or skin that has lost volume.

While collagen creams are available over the counter, collagen molecules are usually too large for skin absorption. Our collagen bar treatment features the Collagenizer, which permits these large molecules to penetrate the skin’s surface.

The process includes the use of natural hyaluronic acid, which acts as a moisture magnet for keeping skin hydrated, along with the powerful antioxidant vitamin C. Hyaluronic acid is also the primary ingredient in many dermal fillers, making them a natural way to eradicate wrinkles.

There is no downtime for patients after using the Collagenizer. After treatments, patients go through a session of radiofrequency stimulation, a painless procedure that boosts collagen production. At home, patients can use our D More Collagen Serum and Vitamin C Whitening Cream, both made from natural ingredients, to continue maintaining their youthful skin.

Learn More About Natural Skin Health

While collagen bar therapy and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy work well on their own, they are complementary and improve skin even more when used together. If you would like to know more about natural methods of keeping your skin in the best possible shape, including collagen bar treatment and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, call the office of Dr. Jacobson today and arrange a consultation.