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Plastic surgery now features front and center on social media. While people often share “selfies” of their new look, there is one cosmetic procedure unlikely to end up on Facebook or Snapchat. While most women are not going to share the results of their cosmetic vaginal procedure, that does not mean they are not thrilled with the outcome. Vaginal rejuvenation makes as much sense as facial rejuvenation, even if only your intimate partners know the difference.

Cosmetic vaginal procedures are far more than aesthetic. These minor surgeries enhance sexual feeling and pleasure. A skilled New York surgeon can help restore a woman’s confidence in her appearance and desirability through a cosmetic vaginal procedure. Contact our office today to discuss your options.

Common New York Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures

Every woman has her own reason for desiring a cosmetic vaginal procedure. Often, the reasons are not purely cosmetic but include health issues. For example, a woman with enlarged or “hypertrophic” labia may find certain activities, such as riding a bicycle, uncomfortable.

A labia majora reduction surgery lessens the size of her labia and eliminates the source of the discomfort. Other common cosmetic vaginal procedures include:


The labia, or vaginal lips, are the folds on either side of the vagina. Basically, they offer protection to the rest of the vulva. A labiaplasty might make the lips more symmetrical, or reduce the size of both labia. A woman who feels her labia are too large may become very self-conscious. There are practical matters as well – wearing a thong is possibly out of the question, and any tight pants may reveal a “camel toe.” For some women, enlarged labia make intercourse painful.


After childbirth, the vagina becomes looser. The aging process also contributes to a less tight vagina. A vaginoplasty – also known as a vaginal rejuvenation – tightens the membranes inside the vagina. This results in a vagina similar to its pre-childbirth state. The tightness also heightens sexual gratification for both the woman and her partner.


While similar to vaginoplasty, perineoplasty also deals with the perineum, the area extending from the anus to the vagina. During childbirth, the perineum is often torn. Sometimes the tear results naturally from the infant’s head, while at other times the obstetrician cuts the perineum to aid in the delivery. No matter the circumstances, a perineoplasty restores the aesthetic appearance of the perineum as well as the function, and a vaginoplasty is performed at the same time. After a perineoplasty, many women stop experiencing pain during intercourse. There are other vital medical benefits. Women with torn perineums may suffer from urinary or anal incontinence. A perineoplasty fixes those difficult, embarrassing conditions.

How a New York Cosmetic Vaginal Procedures Surgeon Can Help

A New York cosmetic vaginal procedures doctor can explain every detail of a surgery to patients beforehand and answers any questions they may have. The merits of general versus local anesthesia for a particular patient or procedure are discussed, as well as the expected aesthetic results.

With minimally invasive surgery laser surgery, patients recover relatively quickly from cosmetic vaginal procedures and can resume most normal activities within a week. However, it is important to avoid vaginal intercourse for up to six weeks until complete healing takes place.

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