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Not that long ago, you may have had energy to spare. Now, however, you can often barely get through the day and you do not have enough energy to participate in the activities you always enjoyed.

Fortunately, there are safe, natural ways you may be able to regain the energy you feared you may have lost for good. A Newport Beach decreased energy treatments doctor could determine the cause of your lack of energy and devise an appropriate course of treatment to help you feel like yourself once more. Reach out to a seasoned doctor today and schedule an appointment.

Common Causes of Decreased Energy

While energy levels may decrease with age, a big drop in energy is not normal. Hormones regulate every bodily function, and changes in hormones mean changes in metabolism.

As people age, their hormone levels decrease, and that affects energy levels. For women, the loss of estrogen as they go through menopause often results in energy loss, but men go through similar—albeit less dramatic—hormonal changes as well.

Whether male or female, the loss of hormones can contribute to decreased energy levels. Low hormone levels or a hormonal imbalance can contribute to insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, depression and lack of concentration, all of which affect energy levels. Once people sleep better and experience mood improvement, energy levels increase.

When hormones are imbalanced, a person’s immune system is affected, which often contributes to less energy and an overall decline in well-being. Decreased energy may alternatively result from certain medical conditions, though, so a doctor must rule these out first before proceeding to hormonal treatment options.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Decreased Energy

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy in the form of estrogen, testosterone or other natural hormone supplements can banish fatigue and boost energy levels. Derived from natural sources, bioidentical hormones are the same on the molecular level as those produced by the body. Unlike synthetic hormones, they should not produce unwanted side effects.

There are many other benefits to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, including a boost in libido and better sexual functioning. Men taking testosterone replacement therapy should find an increase in strength and muscle mass, while women suffering from night sweats or hot flashes should find these symptoms greatly decreased or eliminated after starting bioidentical estrogen replacement therapy.

Both genders should find external improvements as well, including better skin, weight loss, and healthier hair. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy may not make a person feel like they are in their 20s again, but energy levels should increase significantly and they should notice a significant improvement overall.

Procedural Steps

To determine if Newport Beach decreased energy treatments are right for an individual patient, the doctor first conducts a thorough physical examination and takes a detailed medical history. Blood testing is also performed. Based on the results, some patients may be referred to a specialist if it appears their decreased energy levels are due to apparent disease. However, such cases are the exception, and most patients feel less energetic because of low hormones.

Each patient receives an individually-tailored bioidentical hormone regimen, custom-made in a state-of-the-art compounding pharmacy. Since optimal wellness is a holistic endeavor, each patient should also receive a diet and exercise program designed with their particular needs in mind. The doctor may also recommend certain supplements for patients to help them in their health journey.

Learn More About Decreased Energy Treatments in Newport Beach

If you or a loved one is suffering from decreased energy, you may need the help of a doctor experienced in Newport Beach decreased energy treatments. Call today to arrange a consultation with Dr. Edward Jacobson, or to schedule a remote conference with him via telephone, FaceTime, or Skype.