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Ann A.

I highly recommend Dr. Jacobson of Greenwich Gynecology. A month ago, Dr. Jacobson performed a surgery on me under general anesthesia and I know I couldn’t have chosen a better specialist. The surgery involved a necessary repair and the aesthetic outcome was essential. The results exceeded my expectations. Since the first visit, throughout the whole process, and until the final check-up, I was well-informed and I felt like my case was very important. The staff in the office were extremely courteous and helpful. It was a pleasure to interact with Tammie and Paula, as they were always professional and showed their kind personality. Dr. Jacobson has a great sense of humor and makes it easy to talk about the most intimate health issues. Simply, high class. I wish I lived closer to his office, I would definitely become his regular patient. The surgery was performed in Greenwich Hospital, which I also highly recommend. Ladies, if you are troubled with issues that are listed on the Greenwich Gynecology website, give it a try and make an appointment for a consultation. There is no need to wait and silently suffer. Dr. Jacobson was the first doctor that actually understood the concerns related to my problem. I cried during the first appointment, as he gave me hope. I am so grateful for the treatment I received that it is hard to express my happiness in words. Thank you so much Dr. Jacobson and team!

P.S. I followed all of the doctor’s instructions to the letter. I am also in very good general health and I was realistic about the results, therefore the healing process was smooth.

  • Ann A.


It’s been five weeks since I added the pregnenolone and the afternoon thyroid “booster” to my daily schedule of HRT supplements and I feel like a new person. Who is she, you might ask?

The younger version of myself!

I can’t believe how much energy I have. More importantly, my brain is actually functioning again — and oddly, because my cognitive abilities are so much better, I only now realize that it has been a good (far too) long while since I had this much brain power; I didn’t even realize how significant my disability was until I literally woke up one moring and felt like my brain was on fire. My verbal and reading comprehension are so improved it’s scary. I can speak without halting the conversation looking for words and I can remember things without having to write everyting down. I sleep better and my mood couldn’t be better. I’m back to my optimistic self and even though there are stressors in my life, they aren’t front and center. And whatever aches and pains I had have been reduced and often I don’t feel any joint or post work-out discomfort at all.

And my family notices the difference (so it’s not all in my head).

Sending you a hug and a HUGE THANK YOU!

-N. L.

Georgia Girl

I have been a patient of Dr Jacobson for about five years, I was first a surgery patient of his.At the time I was 61. I had been on synthetic hormones and synthetic thyroid medication since peri menopause at the age of 51.I had been curious about bio identical hormones for years but live in an area where there is no one with expertise and training. I travel to him four times a year. Dr Jacobson has had extensive training in Bio identical Hormones.He is also a seasoned and experienced OB/GYN with years of experience treating woman. Dr Jacobson evaluates hormone needs based on specific blood work and one to one counseling regarding you physical and sexual well being. He is easy to talk to and has a very open and honest style, making him easy to open up to. He has been concerned with my well being and he has a great sense of humor, which makes the subject of sexuality easy to discuss with him.He has been treating me with bio identical hormones and thyroid medication for almost five years and I feel great. I am 66 now and my energy level is good, my skin is youthful, Dr’s say my bone density has stayed stable, and best of all my sexual energy and interest is as good as when I was in my 30’s. I think my husband (of 37 yeas) likes that part.

Thanks Dr Jacobson!


I really felt like my labia were ugly but I never knew there was anything I could do about it to change their appearance. I went straight to the web and researched…. I was so glad to learn that Dr. Jacobson was one of the top rated doctors experienced and specializing on these procedures. I inquired for a consultation and was glad to get in right away.
Dr. Jacobson and his staff were pleasant, discreet and offered realistic expectations and the likelihood I would achieve my desired results.
The procedure was easy, in and out in a few hours. The facility, nurses and staff were terrific, and of course Dr. Jacobson worked his magic. I’m happy to say the recovery was fast and not very painful. I feel better about myself sexually and aesthetically, and I would recommend the procedure to anyone and everyone who has ever thought about the end result.

Laurie Connecticut


After having three children, I found that sex wasn’t nearly as stimulating and satisfying as it used to be functional, but not stimulating. Even though I have had a very strong marriage for the past 28 years, this definitely had an impact on my relationship with my husband I just didn’t want sex as much.
A huge problem for me was also the urinary stress incontinence. Whenever I ran or laughed, my bladder would leak. It really made me stop laughing at times and chipped away at my confidence.
After a friend told me about the procedure, I did some research on the internet and found the Greenwich Center for Restorative Vaginal Surgery. After speaking with Dr Jacobson, I discussed it with my husband and he was a 100% behind me in going for the treatment.
I had absolutely no problems with the operation. I had some discomfort, but not much pain. Dr Jacobson gave me some painkillers, but I didn’t really use them that much. I only missed a week of work.
The difference is huge. I feel sexually liberated and can now laugh without peeing! Just the other day, my daughter noticed that I seemed happier, simply because I have been laughing more! I really do feel that I have been given a new start and others have noticed how much more confident I am.
It really is a very empowering experience and I have recommended Dr Jacobson to so many people.

Sandra New York


After my third child, I was so stretched out that I felt very little sensation during sex, and also experienced strange noises during sex. All in all, it made sex an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience.
I worked out a great deal in the gym and along with impact of three children, I suffered from urinary stress incontinence. I felt like I should start wearing a pad the problem was so bad. Also during my periods tampons would not stay in, so I was constantly having to wear pads as well. This was very inconvenient as I really enjoy an active lifestyle.
My sister said she had read an article that talked about vaginal rejuvenation, so I just started searching on the internet to find out what kind of surgery this was and who could do it. This is how I found Dr Jacobson..
It has made a huge difference in my enjoyment of sex, treated the urinary stress incontinence, and enabled me to wear tampons during my period. It really changes your life. I no longer avoid sex and can exercise whenever I want.
My husband and I are still working through the early phases of having sex, but he has really noticed a difference. It has given me a lot more confidence we have sex about three or four times more often than we used to! I am a feeling more and more comfortable each time.

Rachel Chicago


Being a mother of three beautiful children has been a wonderful blessing. Unforeseen circumstances led to a divorce, and I found myself being introduced to the dating world again. The thought of being intimate with a man both excited and terrified me at the same time. And despite the frustration, I wasn’t about to put myself in what I felt would be a humiliating situation.
The effects of natural child birth can be very unkind. And sometimes, regardless of how many Kegels a woman does, the tightness “downstairs” cannot be regained to its original state. I wasn’t going to accept mediocre sex, and it was time to get serious and take control. Purely by accident, I stumbled across a website that would literally change my life. I learned about a new surgical procedure that was pioneered here in the United States vaginal rejuvenation.
I had the procedure and now I look like I did before I had children and internally, I’m extremely tight & toned. I can’t tell you how much this procedure has literally changed my life. I’ve been given back my confidence and no longer will I avoid men for fear of another unsatisfying experience.

Trina Vancouver


I wanted to make my inside lips smaller for years but was put off by my gyno. I had read about Dr.Jacobson’s experience and his use of radiosurgery. When I first met with Dr. Jacobson he put me at ease and I actually felt comfortable talking about my irregular labia. We spent a lot of time talking about what kind of result I wanted and he even gave me a choice of surgeries. Wow, a doctor who listened! I healed well and got a great result but after healing I had a couple of bumps I didn’t like. Dr. Jacobson said this wasn’t unusual and we did touchups in the office afterwards at no added expense. What great care. Thanks, Dr. J!

Melissa Rhode Island


I spent a lot of time looking for a doctor to do my labiaplasty and came across Dr. Jacobson’s website. It had a ton of information and answered almost all of my questions. I liked the video of the surgery which gave me a clear picture what to expect.
Dr. Jacobson and his staff were incredibly sensitive and compassionate. He always got back to me within minutes of my calls. And I never felt I was imposing on him. He really is a very special doctor.

Julia New York


As a recently divorced 40 year old mother of three I decided it was time to make my body the way it was before I had children. I already had a breast lift and I was ready to take the next step. My inner lips were always large and uncomfortable, and I was tired of putting up with them for what seemed forever. I also had a hard time feeling anything during sex after being so stretched out by childbirth.
I can’t thank Dr. Jacobson enough for his outstanding surgery. Sex is now what it used to be and I don’t have the discomfort or fear of embarrassment from large labia anymore.

Susan Connecticut


For the first time in my life I was told I have an attractive vagina! I was in shock! I almost cried… but I didn’t want to let him know how it made me feel. It would not have been possible without you and your wonderful staff. I can’t express how it made me feel.
Thank you a million times over!

Loni Douglaston, NY

Jean M.

“I like to feel good, am over sixty and feel that bio-identical hormones have helped me feel young. The natural approach has appealed to me.
The bio-identical hormones have been tailored for my body. I like to say, ‘So this how I’m still supposed to feel!’ Dr. Jacobson and his staff are forward thinking and accomplished in this area. I’m very satisfied and have not had any hot flashes or weight gain. I am a truly happy patient.”

Jean M. Greenwich, Connecticut

Gerri G.

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy
“I am a woman in my mid fifties. After many years of an extremely good and satisfying sex life, something started to change. All urges and excitement seemed to be gone. It began to cause distance between my husband and myself and I started to accept this as a way of life. My husband of course took this disinterest personally and it caused distance in our relationship.
I made two attempts with different doctors for help. Needless to say, almost no change occurred. It became a really sad time. I missed what I had!
Finally I came across Dr. Jacobson’s website and emailed a few questions to him. After I read his responses, I decided to give one final attempt at getting my sexuality back.
I am so grateful that Doctor Jacobson worked closely with me, always monitoring my medication and checking on my health and well being. He has always insisted on frequent contact and took things slowly and safely. Thanks to Dr. Jacobson, I have my life back. Thank you Dr. Jacobson!”

Gerri G. Stamford, CT

Suzanne S.

Recently I had a vaginal hysterectomy and the lifting of two prolapsed organs. After explaining the procedure in detail, Dr. Jacobson performed the surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He answered the questions I had, which relieved me of any anxiety. It was all easy and pain free. I quickly resumed all normal activities and my quality of life has greatly improved. I highly recommend Dr. Jacobson and Greenwich Hospital to anyone in need of this kind of surgery.

Suzanne S. Darien, CT